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A quick response code is a 2 dimensional barcode that can be scanned using a smart phone.  The software on  the phone decodes the image and takes the user to the website, video or landing page.  QR codes make it easy to take a viewer from a printed piece directly to the internet.


First you may need to download a QR Code Reader onto your smart phone (some newer phones come with the reader pre-installed), then use the camera on your phone to scan the code (just take a picture of it), which makes the website or landing page come up on the phone.  This is very handy for trade shows. Print a QR Code on the back of your business card or on your booth display and you can show people your website or product video on their phones. Print it on a direct mail piece (postcard, newsletter etc.) so when it's received in the mail your customers can scan the QR code and connect with your website or special offer online allowing the viewer to take immediate action.


Use QR Codes on billboard ads, in-store displays, trade-show flyers, banners,  business cards, print ads, contests, direct mail campaigns, promotional items, and couponing.


Need a QR CODE for your site?

There is no extra charge for using QR codes in any way on your printing, banners or signs.  If you would like a QR code for your website, email the site address to us and we will create one for you.

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